About Us

Anjali Foundation USA is a non-profit organization of volunteers and donors of cash, goods and services to benefit chronically ill patients in need of mental health services. The Foundation was started in June 2010 and is sponsored by SHIN (Sanctuary for Healing and Integration) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The beneficiaries are patients with chronic mind-body (psychosomatic) disorders who are in need of the correct form of integrative (body-mind) health care.  The beneficiaries do not have the financial resources, nor the insurance coverage, to afford these critical services. 

Anjali Foundation USA gives financial aid and pro-bono treatments for vital services, including complementary and alternative medicine.  

Our dedicated volunteer health care providers, staff and the many helpers of Anjali Foundation USA receive no financial compensation for services.  They fall into four categories: healthcare professionals, non-healthcare professionals, donors and members of the Board of Advisors. 

The philosophy of Anjali is based on exchange of gratitude in the form of service, which becomes the currency.  Recipients of care can "pay back" for what they have received in the form of service to another.

What does Anjali mean?

The Sanskrit word anjali means “gift" or
"divine offering.” As a mudra, or hand gesture, it is used as a greeting and sign of respect throughout Asia. The anjali mudra is done by pressing the palms of the hands together firmly, with fingertips pointing up. It is similar to gassho used by Buddhists.

The gesture carries a deeper significance than a simple hello or goodbye. The joining together of the palms is said to provide a connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and represents unification. This is symbolic of the client's as well as the practitioner's connection with the divine in all things.

A non-profit organization dedicated to compassionate care for the chronically ill